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Building a Platform Around ‘The No Vacation Nation’

‘The PTO Pressure Report’ exposed America’s surprising problems with PTO, creating national buzz and an ongoing stream of mainstream coverage

The Program

For Kimble, a UK-based tech company that provides Professional Services Automation (PSA) software to the consulting industry, national business press coverage is critical. It’s where target buyers get most of their information.

To gain exposure in these outlets, we executed a data driven research program, tied back to Kimble’s value proposition. We conducted a survey and built ‘The PTO Pressure Report,’ uncovering how management, workload and cultural pressures are causing Americans to not take their PTO – a major employee engagement and workplace planning issue.

We knew launch timing would make all the difference to campaign success and leveraged Google Trends to research which week readers would be most interested in summer vacation-related topics. After evaluating the previous year’s data, SHIFT released the research to the press just ahead of the Memorial Day holiday. The result was viral takeaways that all business executives could relate to.


The campaign cultivated national interest throughout mainstream media including Bloomberg, Forbes, NBC Nightly News and The Washington Post while giving Kimble a prominent thought leadership platform to discuss key challenges faced by their target customers. It continues to garner media coverage.




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