Growing A Crypto Travel Company needed helping emerging from the shadows and making serious noise amid the travel rebound


With travel rebounding in early 2021, coinciding with a record year for cryptos, the leading crypto-friendly OTA, and its new blockchain-powered Airbnb challenger Dtravel, needed to capitalize on this critical moment with vigor


Capitalize on the converging travel and cryptocurrency upticks, normalizing the idea of crypto in the travel space with a three-phased approach: 1) Nurture “new-to-Travala” crypto writers and influencers + introduce them to its spinoff home sharing project, Dtravel; 2) Initiate conversations with travel press previously allergic to crypto; 3) Trumpet key news moments to show real-world use cases for blockchain within travel


SHIFT created significant traction with trade press, successfully engaged several influencers for content and drove feature coverage in major mainstream outlets, helping achieve


pieces of coverage in 2021, incl. CNBC, USA Today, NASDAQ and WashPo


Dtravel launch stories, including a Forbes exclusive


in revenue in less than 1 year


hotel bookings in less than 1 year

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