A Tech PR Agency

We’ve been bringing never-before-seen and not-yet-understood tech to market for decades, combining our knowledge of tech’s inner works, the media landscape and current culture into breakthrough storytelling. Where we really shine is in transforming tech capabilities and visions into relevant narratives that help companies reach their objectives.

A full-service technology PR agency

For decades we’ve helped both F500 companies and emerging leaders across every segment of the market — from complex back-end enterprise solutions to customer-facing applications — flex the right channels to tell their story.

Most clients come to us for our media relations and dogged pursuit of the next story. That’s been our focus since our founding as a high-tech PR agency in 2003 and remains absolutely core to what SHIFT does.

But clients usually stay because of our integrated solutions. Today we go far beyond that, bringing in capabilities across content marketing, social media, SEO, digital marketing and more to make sure our messages reach the right audiences and deliver real business outcomes.

Like most any full-service agency, we can do almost anything that anyone could want to help build, promote and protect their brands and businesses.

Industry expertise

We’ve worked with companies in nearly every corner of the tech market — especially those challenging the status quo and changing the game in their industry.

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Shifting tech companies ahead

Whether you’re an early-stage or F500 company looking for a new tech PR agency, we’d love to help you shift ahead. If you like what you see, please reach out.

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