Making Meaning

Strategic narrative / messaging architecture / tone of voice / communications training

We build corporate narratives that motivate and inspire all of a business's audiences.

Corporate Narrative Development

Growth depends on the ability to get noticed — and it all hinges on the narrative. At SHIFT, we help companies move past features and benefits and articulate a compelling reason why, a differentiated story that communicates why a company does what it does and why others should care.

Our Narrative Approach

Our process for building a corporate narrative that forges an emotional connection with all the audiences core to a company’s sustainable success includes:

  • Audience & Industry Analysis
  • Stakeholder Discovery Sessions
  • Identifying the Step Change & the Why
  • Defining Verbal Identity & Tone of Voice
  • Framework Delivery
  • Ongoing Optimization (here's why)


Narrative is about how all communications — from boilerplates and website copy to social posts, sales decks and employee communications — come together to shape perceptions. So we also help companies put their narrative into action with messaging and application across their many touchpoints, expertly adapting to audience and context without ever losing the overarching story.

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