Filecoin Foundation

Leading The Shift to Decentralized Data Storage

Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized storage network, needed help telling the story of its mission to preserve humanity’s most important information through the shift to Web3


Filecoin had a lofty and worthy mission as it worked to lead the transition from centralized storage providers to blockchain-based decentralized storage but faced strong headwinds in the forms of general skepticism in blockchain tech and sagging crypto markets in 2022


A progressive storytelling approach, using earned and owned content to highlight positive real-world impacts and use cases, both in short supply as blockchain tech matured, including new partnerships, grants with like-minded orgs, tech breakthroughs and key events — with top-tier press, often exclusively for focused impact


SHIFT has driven positive press coverage across a wide range of business, tech and blockchain press, including Axios, CNET, Politico, Business Insider and CoinDesk and support across 4 events and 12+ announcements




SOV, ↑ from 39% when SHIFT started


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