Taking Market Share In A World of Goliaths

In an AI market seemingly owned by the tech giants, Digital Reasoning needed to take on Goliath IBM.


alongside IBM Watson


as a leading AI tech


Digital Reasoning



Artificial Intelligence


With most of the media and market viewing IBM Watson at the de-facto AI technology, Digital Reasoning needed to inch its way into that coverage.


A conquesting PR campaign, ensuring Digital Reasoning was seen as a reputable competitor to IBM.


To make sure Digital Reasoning appeared alongside IBM, we executed an aggressive reactive and proactive media program. The team formed relationships with reporters covering Watson and provided them with equally compelling Digital Reasoning case studies and commentary on breaking news, the progress of the AI market and current technology limitations. We also took a vertical-specific approach, pitching stories on the use of AI for better outcomes, including in healthcare, financial services and law enforcement.


The program successfully positioned Digital Reasoning as the leading alternative to IBM Watson, securing coverage alongside the Goliath in outlets including Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and CIO and headlines such as “Can IBM Watson Do It All?” and “The AI Fight is Escalating.”