Launching Unprecedented Tech & Catapulting Brand Equity

Brave needed help bringing its first-of-its-kind privacy-centric browser, which used cryptocurrency to reward content publishers, to the mainstream


As the first privacy focused browser on the market, with a first-of-its-kind crypto ecosystem, Brave needed significant education for its unique value prop, technology and mission: to rid the internet of invasive tracking, targeted ads and AdTech intermediaries who siphon profit from content creators


Leverage CEO chops (JavaScript creator and Mozilla co-founder) and launch a public awareness campaign around browser privacy to drive brand awareness and acceptance and publicize their Basic Attention Token (Brave’s reward payment system for content creators)


SHIFT catapulted Brave’s brand equity in the market by establishing relationships with key journalists in both tech and business press, rolled out multiple new platform capabilities and updates to compete with industry leaders, and helped achieve massive growth in users


monthly active users, ↑ from 8M


articles, ↑ 1,050 from previous year



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