Building Advocates

Influencer strategy / influencer management / contract negotiations / creative briefs

We help brands activate the creator economy, authentically and impactfully.

Influencer Marketing

We’ve activated countless influencers, creators and celebrities to grow brands and sales, from McDonald’s McNugget bouquets and Scotties designer tissue boxes to co-hosted events. Authenticity is our key ingredients for building a community of effective brand advocates. And we always keep our finger on the pulse of social trends to capitalize on what’s happening in the moment.

Our Influencer Relations Approach

Our approach starts with a strategic plan and objective, followed by rigorous analysis to understand authority, audience makeup and relevancy. Then we work with the right influencers to build relationships and let them create campaigns that are believable and meaningful — and achieve the goals at hand — with capabilities including:

  • Channel Strategy
  • Influencer Identification
  • Follower Verification
  • Diversity & Representation
  • Budgeting
  • Contracts & Negotiations
  • Creative Briefs
  • Messaging Alignment
  • Measurement
  • Amplification

Affiliate Marketing

We also work with affiliate networks (from Skimlinks to The Buy Guide) to help clients open up yet another effective sales channel, unlocking pools of targeted affiliate marketers who will recommend and directly sell clients' products to their audiences.

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