Sparking App Growth & Relationships

With a dizzying amount of dating apps in market, Prevue needed to show how its filter-free video was gamechanging.






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People were fed up with the dishonesty plaguing dating apps, so authenticity needed to be the centerpiece of our messaging — and its delivery.


Trustworthy introduction points between Prevue and its target Millennial audience.


For launches in Boston and then DC, we tapped into local influencers as well as earned media to introduce the app and deliver Prevue’s messaging around making real connections. Paid amplification got the content in front of even more of our audience.

@themiaandrade Dating in Boston has NOT been the easiest, but PreVue is finally here to save the dating game for us.🙌 @PreVueDating just launched today in Boston, and it’s changing the way we date by letting go of the filters and embracing the REAL you, through brief, unedited video clips, created directly through the app to find meaningful connections. Download PreVue through the link in my story to find me! (…maybe we’ll get to go on a date 😏) #ad #PreVue #PreVueDating #YearofReal #RealDatingNeverFiltered #BostonDating #Boston ♬ original sound - Mia Andrade
@ashley_demato Let today be the last year you celebrate Singles Awareness Day, by downloading @prevuedating and finally finding your perfect match! PreVue is a new Boston-based dating app that just launched here in the city that allows you to create your own, unfiltered video profile to showcase your authentic self, and cultivate meaningful connections with others based on their video profile.   Download the app through the link in my story and create your PreVue profile to enter to win a $250 Visa gift card that you can use to take your perfect match on the perfect date! Use code “ASHLEY” to get your first 3 months of PreVue+, the premium level subscription for free!   To enter to win, all you have to do is:
1. Download PreVue through the link in my story
2. Like and comment on this post once you’ve created your profile
3. Follow @PreVueDating   #SinglesAwarenessDay #PreVue #PreVueDating #RealDatingNeverFiltered #DatingInBoston #DatingApps #Sponsored ♬ original sound - AshdeMato1214

We also infiltrated the local event scenes, co-hosting invite-only launch parties with top influencer partners and sponsoring events with popular local brands such as Barry’s Boot Camp and Cisco Brewers. We captured more new users at each event with branded activities, swag and freebies for those who downloaded.


The campaigns helped Prevue gain serious traction in target markets, with 4.5K downloads and over 5.4M impressions in under a year and influencer content outperforming traditional branded ads by more than 20K clicks, consistently ranking as the top driver of app downloads.