Grand Rounds

Standing Out Amid a Digital Health M&A Frenzy

Grand Rounds Health needed to demonstrate the value of its merger with Doctor On Demand to the business and healthcare communities


With an intense time — and oversaturation of news —of digital health industry consolidation and investment, Grand Rounds Health needed to differentiate to drive interest in its Doctor on Demand merger


A hard-hitting narrative that positioned the merger as a first-of-its-kind and framed the newly integrated company as a patient-first leader with a unique model for end-to-end virtual patient care


Proactive media outreach leveraging C-suite executives and Doctor on Demand physician leaders broke through the industry noise, driving buzz with unique articles including in CNBC, WSJ, Insider and Modern Healthcare as well as robust syndication




CNBC and Insider features


new website visitors in first 2 days following the news

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