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Silencing Competition in the On-Demand Behavioral Health Market

Amid a global mental health crisis and mounting competition, Doctor On Demand needed to emphasize the importance of quality behavioral health access and solutions


As COVID-19 propelled mental health issues — and alongside it rapid adoption of virtual care — Dr. On Demand needed to position itself to capture increased media consumption and search around mental health issues and advice to stay top of mind with consumers


Leverage Mental Health Awareness Month and Pride Month as a launchpad to showcase behavioral health leadership by developing a cadence of media themes to keep subject matter experts top of mind when it comes to challenges and services


SHIFT helped turned Doctor On Demand clinical experts into sought after sources to help employers and consumers navigate health challenges, driving robust media coverage in target consumer, business and HR outlets


articles in two months


Good Morning America and Parade features


on Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps

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