Earning Top Attention on Hiring, Retention & DEI

During the “Great Resignation” when hiring was vital to businesses, Lever needed to quickly stand out as a leading hiring platform


The (very crowded) recruiting market was generally a sea of sameness when it came to the tech and insights competitors were providing. There were just a few areas of white space, uncovered via in-depth analysis of industry news and topic modeling. For a takeover of attention vs. the competition set, Lever would need to chart a bold new message and creatively “make news” around those topics to validate its narrative, differentiate and cement itself as a top voice.


An aggressive, content-driven media relations program featuring a corporate news pipeline, rapid response and original research that offered fresh insights around the Great Resignation hiring market by focusing on three timely and “ownable” topics: DEI’s impact on employee retention, job crafting and internal mobility. The “research hub” would serve to back up core messages; be critical a critical asset in Lever’s media takeover and attention grab; and support lead gen through high-value content.


The thought leadership content and corporate news turned heads and built belief in the company, blowing program goals out of the water. It boosted Lever’s SEO, awareness and authority with HR decision makers during this critical period through features in Fast Company, Fortune, The New York Times and USA Today and continued pickup of the data. It also supported the company’s ultimate goal of an exit.


articles in 12 months


articles in tier-1 outlets


articles with linkbacks


Employ Inc. acquisition

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