Building A Wellness Brand & Market Leader

Wedderspoon wanted to boost market position in a crowded space during its key cold & flu season


The buzz around personal wellness and holistic health was at an all-time high, yet there was no clear leader in the crowded Manuka Honey space and minimal awareness around the Honey’s benefits, so we needed to focus on our reach and inspirational content


An integrated Fall WellBEEing campaign, using multiple channels to get the Wedderspoon name and product out in front of new audiences, including a robust earned media program (including topics like immunity-boosting foods that are also great for your skin), an in-person media event (complete with honey-soaked hors d’oeuvers and a DIY beauty bar), and a targeted #ManukaHoneyHacks influencer campaign and paid media support to reach new audiences with our message of Wedderspoon’s Manuka Honey as the most delicious way to boost daily wellness and immune support 


With influencer content that really resonated with our target audience and a total takeover of media market share, the Fall WellBEEing campaign hit our objectives and boosted cold & flu season sales.


revenue YOY for cold & flu season


influencer campaign impressions


editorial articles

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