Cultivating Influence: Identify, Reach, and Engage Influencers

Influencer marketing is much more than who has the largest number of followers.

In our new eBook, Cultivating Influence, we’ll explore influencer management and marketing in depth:

Why does influence matter? Is it really worth our time? In an ever-changing digital landscape, the influencer may keep us afloat.

What is influence? We look back to ancient Greece for the first answers from Aristotle and the classics as our foundation of influence.

How does influence work? Discover the six principles of persuasion, originally developed by Dr. Robert Cialdini, adapted for influencer marketing. How do we use the principles of persuasion in our influencer communications?

Who is an influencer? Influencer identification used to be simple: just count who had the most followers. We know now that influence is far more than the biggest audience. We’ll explore our READ framework for identifying influencers:

  • Reach: audience size still does matter
  • Engagement: who can persuade audiences to take action?
  • Alignment: does the influencer spend most of their time topically aligned to our goals?
  • Data: how can we understand the influencer’s content and audience to craft the most relevant messages?

How do we measure influencer marketing? If we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it. We’ll look at how popular tools like Google Analytics can be adapted to measure influencer communications and what other tools we’ll need to build a complete picture.

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