How To Know Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

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Social media marketing is extremely popular nowadays. Every business entity that craves for popularity is ought to develop and nurture a social media presence. However, like with everything in life and business, you can always go wrong. There are more factors that can lead to a negative outcome: a purpose which is not concrete or is insufficient, the channels of distribution and the traffic targeting is wrong, and more that we’re about to discuss soon.Today’s marketers and web entrepreneurs must always be objective with their performance. If you’re website looks like hell, you must realize it before losing money. If your social media marketing strategy is inefficient, that’s a hell of a reason to step back, reassess, and eventually make changes. All this in order to keep your budget safe and your business performance stable or growing.

Your Strategy Showcases Your Product and It Doesn’t Focus on the Customer

If you’re focusing to showcase the benefits of your products and the overall display of its features, you are basically neglecting the customer. The most effective marketing campaigns are targeted towards the prospect’s emotions and associations. People who consume your content expect solutions and constructive suggestions.Therefore, your marketing campaign’s objectives should closely reflect the needs of the customer. Show your brand followers their future selves. Let them know how your products or services are going to produce changes in the quality of their lives. Show them the steps from point A to point B, and you shall capture their attention.

You Can’t Capture the Prospect’s Attention in the First Seconds

Speaking of attention, every person who performs marketing campaigns on social media should be aware of one thing: the consumer’s attention is extremely reduced and hard to obtain. The aggressive advertising which most marketers approach has led the average internet user to develop a “shield” which hardly allows information to pass by.Therefore, understand that you only get a few seconds to capture your prospect’s attention. Considering that you’re doing paid ads, pay attention to the first 2-3 sentences, the first 2-3 seconds of the video, and so on. Focus on gaining the initial attention and your social media campaigns should show better results.

Your Engagement Rate is Low

If your engagement rate is very low, the main cause might be the fact that your content is not interesting enough. Another cause could be your lack of strong CTAs or your lack of consistency when it comes to posting content on a regular basis. A brand will never reach high heights without a community around to support it.Therefore, whenever you plan your next social media campaign, establish a new goal: to improve the engagement of your content consumers. Throughout your content, encourage them to ask questions, leave feedback, or directly get in touch with you through comments, private chat, or email.

You're Not Targeting Your Audience Well

Are you targeting your audience well? Or let me ask you another thing. Have you strictly defined the audience that you’re targeting? Do you have an “imaginary customer” which you develop the content and organize the marketing strategies for? This imaginary customer is called the “target persona”, and you can use it to guide all of your actions in order to make him/her happy.Considering that you’ve already decided who you want to reach (specifically), you need to find the best ways to do so. Take a look at your business. Depending on what you are selling and depending on your target audience’s demographics, choose the best social media channels for your own business. You see, for some, Facebook works wonders. For others, especially B2B businesses, LinkedIn is much better.This is on you. You’ll have to decide which social media can bring you the most potential. Afterwards, focus on developing a professional presence and begin learning the ropes of the networks’ paid features. The more you focused you are on a channel the better performance you’ll attain.

You Lose a Lot of Money but You Lack Results

In case your budget is quickly disappearing, you should ask yourself whether the campaign you’re rolling is still really worth it. It never hurts to pause a campaign and analyze the statistics. Using social media analytics tools, you’ll be able to have a better look at what’s going on with your audience. You’ll see which type of content performs best, which type of ads combination, and you’ll also figure out whether you’re targeting the right audience or not.

Your Content is Boring or Standard

Content is king. However, in order for it to be truly a king in today’s marketplace, your content needs to be gorgeous. I’m not exaggerating. You need to provide value, quality, relevance, simplicity in language, correct grammar and spelling, proven facts and statistics, and it should contain visual (and auditory) elements.Your content cannot be boring or standard. If there are 1000 more posts on a topic, you should never insist on it. Instead, you’d better think of a twist on how to make a better piece of content around the same topic. You can involve controversy, spark curiosity, or reach your follower’s emotions.Mark Hudson, Marketing Specialist at Aussie writings, encourages us to think this way:“Think of your content as the most important element that completes your social media campaign. Your content is the message while your social campaigns represent the “vehicles”.You can have the best vehicle yet if the content is poor, you will observe no significant results. It works the other way around. If you leverage an inefficient vehicle, you won’t reach the destination and therefore your results will be non-existent.”


Social media marketing surely presents a complex learning curve. You simply can’t tell whether your campaign is working well until you tried and tested more things. When you see that something works, you’ll instantly know how to combine that element with another, so that the next social marketing strategy that you’ll implement is most likely to deliver improved results.

Olivia RyanOlivia is a young journalist who is passionate about topics of digital marketing, career, and self-development. She constantly tries to learn something new and share this experience on different websites. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn


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The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

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