10 Surprising Startup Marketing Hacks

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Launching a new business is an exciting journey that can help entrepreneurs realize their dreams while improving the world. As every experienced entrepreneur knows, however, finding initial customers is the most difficult part of the startup process. The reality is that few customers want to buy from a company that has few online reviews, no brand recognition, and products that remain unproven.Nevertheless, if you can get through the initial stages of marketing your product, you will join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who dominate the marketplace. Here are 10 tips to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing plans are key

Attempting to dive into marketing a business without establishing a clear plan is like driving a car without a steering wheel and expecting to stay on the road. Time can be scarce when starting a business so you might feel that you cannot execute all your marketing goals in such a short period; this is where you need to keep calm and proceed with ease and focused approach. It is necessary to invest sufficient time into researching which marketing strategies are most likely to be effective. Without market research, you cannot expect to beat established competitors who have mastered the marketing methods that get the best results.

Refined presentation yields success

Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming that they can get away with sloppy presentation when pitching an idea to initial customers. In reality, initial customers who are willing to take a bet on an uncertain product tend to be primarily concerned with the professionalism that the founding team conveys. When meeting with initial customers, all documents that you hand out should have a refined appearance. Additionally, dressing for success is an unavoidable requirement.

Make sure the price is right

Customers often buy on the basis of quality or their relationship with your company. You should always remember, however, that price is one of the most important factors in any selling situation. Even when a product is excellent and presented in the right way, customers will still decline to make a purchase when they perceive the price to be greater than the value they will receive. The value that a prospective customer will perceive in a product or service is, therefore, a critical consideration that cannot be neglected when developing a pricing strategy for a new startup.

Social media can facilitate rapid growth

In the modern world, people are more interconnected than ever before. Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to reach millions of potential customers without having to rely on hard selling or direct marketing. The advantage of social media is that it drives customers to your business on their own volition, so these buyers tend to be excited about meeting and discussing a potential purchase. Implementing strategies to engage with followers in an effective way can help to build interest and potentially lead to skyrocketing success.At the initial stage there are chances that you might not find the worth of social media campaigning as the engagement ratio would be less and sometimes it might be nil. However, if you are looking for a long term benefits then social media can be your market of growth. Due to limited marketing budget you might find it difficult to promote your service in social media. This is where you can go for pocket friendly options. Utilize all the free resources as much as you can. Ask your friends/ family to grow awareness. Get their projects and build trust.

Existing clients are the best clients

Paid marketing channels are almost always out of a new entrepreneur’s price range, so creative marketing strategies are needed to reach initial buyers. When existing clients are satisfied with their purchase, they will often feel that they would benefit by sharing their buying experience with their associates. Reaching out to your initial customer base to ask for referrals can be a powerful method of achieving growth.

Partnerships are powerful marketing tools

startup marketing

The strength of an entrepreneur’s network is often the most decisive factor in determining whether a new startup succeeds or fails. If you have strong relationships with other entrepreneurs or business leaders, you should seek to nurture partnerships with these individuals to generate additional sales. Effective partnerships can help entrepreneurs to reach thousands of potential buyers through strong referrals or cobranding.

Effective websites generate excitement

Although websites have been around for decades, they are still powerful tools to reach potential buyers. A custom website gives you the opportunity to convey detailed information about your product or service to potential buyers. Websites can be especially powerful marketing tools when you combine them with an effective social media strategy.

Every person you meet can become a customer

Some of the most productive business relationships have been formed waiting in line for coffee, talking a stranger on the bus, or even conversing with people at a traffic stop. You should leverage everyone who you encounter to help spread the word about your new business. Even total strangers have the potential to become major buyers or brand advocates. If you talk to everyone you encounter about your business, you will be surprised how often doing so will lead to a sales meeting.

Great products market themselves

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Ambitious entrepreneurs often try to push marketing to its limits in an attempt to acquire market share. Marketing is a powerful and necessary tool, but it is no substitute for an excellent product or service. You should ensure that your offerings provide genuine value before investing significant effort into marketing them. When you combine excellent marketing with an offering that adds value, you can expect to establish a base of loyal customers who will spread the word about your startup on their own initiative.

Find ways to maximize referrals

Referrals are the most powerful tool that a startup has to generate new leads and scale an existing customer base. Although referrals can come to your business without any effort, there are many actions you can take to facilitate the generation of new referrals. A strong digital presence, for example, can make it easy for referred customers to find a brand they hear about from a friend. Making it easy for existing customers to refer your brand can build traction that leads to exponential growth.

Hacking startup marketing

Established businesses tend to rely on expensive paid marketing channels, but new startups can compete with industry leaders by employing a lean marketing strategy that reaches prospective customers using a personalized approach. The modern world offers a variety of unpaid marketing channels that your startup can leverage, and taking full advantage of these channels can help to facilitate rapid business growth. Although you will still need to make sure that your product or service adds genuine value, an effective approach to marketing is a necessary key to success when launching a new startup.

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