Natalie Marinaro

Natalie Marinaro

CX, Digital Experience, Workplace Technology & Services


Hi, I’m Natalie. For over a decade I’ve worked with B2B technology clients to build communications platforms that matter to the people they want to do business with and the media that influences them. I do this through programs that are deeply ingrained in and disciplined around insights.

Every program I lead starts with research. The team uses it to identify subject matter focus, topical messaging and targeting. We bring it to life through executive thought leadership, newsjacking and owned research platforms. The latter, in particular, has really helped clients like Checkr, Red Hat, FreshBooks and Randstad build meaningful and credible talk tracks that drive lead gen, serve as compelling sales collateral and quiet competitors in the media.

My approach to B2B Tech PR is to remove the B2B layer and, instead, focus on the end customer and even the consumer. There’s always a relatable story that maps back to the human being, regardless of whether you are a contact center, build apps for employees or are middleware.

It’s these relatable stories, the strength we have in convincing people to write them and strategic use of paid campaigns to boost them that lets us support our clients’ goals and growth.

How I See It

“Having a program that’s steeped and born in data makes all the difference. It helps our clients learn more about what they should be messaging and what their selling strategies should be, and it allows us to build relatable stories that people crave.”

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