Darren Weiss

Darren Weiss

AI, Enterprise Technology, Web3


Darren here. I’ve been supporting the communications needs of fast-growing tech companies for over a decade after an early career stint as a sports reporter. My sweet spot is breaking down highly technical concepts and emerging technologies into narratives and stories that pop in competitive marketplaces.

I currently support enterprise technology companies and lead SHIFT's Web3 portfolio — which has included Crypto.com, Brave Software, HUT 8 and Filecoin Foundation — helping them drive overall awareness and adoption and shine a light on positive applications of the technology. Our work spans narrative refinement, education, thought leadership development, crisis communications and media relations to connect with the right audiences.

I’m incredibly excited about this transition to the third iteration of the internet and helping to mainstream it through PR and communications for our clients.

How I See It

"In the transition to Web3, companies are increasingly required to think of their community not as “users” but rather as “participants” who have an ownership stake and considerable voice in their brand. This will reshape communications programs and strategies and surface entirely new opportunities for brands."

Beyond the Bio

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