Becky Pocock

Becky Pocock

B2B Technology, CX, Industrial Technology, MarTech


Hi, I'm Becky. For the past decade I have worked between Europe and the U.S., advising B2B companies at every stage on PR strategy, from launching out of stealth to making an initial public offering.

As brands face increasing pressure to be authentic and purposeful, it is incredibly fulfilling to help our clients build those narratives and combine them with creative, new-to-the-company communications strategies. That is how we drive our clients' businesses forward and create a positive impact for communities and audiences.

SHIFT is part of the AVENIR GLOBAL network of agencies, so we often work on international programs, which I love. I'm particularly proud of the work my teams have done to help organizations create categories, completely reframe their positioning in the market or elevate their thought leadership voice.

How I See It

"Curiosity is at the heart of our work. We ask the right questions and triangulate trends to build up unique stories and overlooked points of view that stand out and create a connection. This is how we help challenger brands be heard and ensure category creators continue to lead the pack."

Beyond the Bio

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