Corporate Narrative & Messaging

Brand stories that accelerate company trajectories

We build corporate narratives that create real relevance and urgency for our clients’ target audiences.

Corporate Narrative Development

Growth depends on the ability to get noticed — by customers, investors, partners and talent. And it all hinges on the business narrative.

Many organizations make the mistake of building their business narrative around the features and benefits their products or services provide. But in today’s hyper competitive landscape, functional excellence is table stakes. Features can be matched, surpassed, or obsoleted.

At SHIFT, we help brands find and articulate a compelling reason why; a transformation in their industry or the world that they can build around. We use this to create a story that communicates why a company does what it does and why others should care. Our process for forging this emotional connection with the audiences core to a company’s sustainable success includes:

  • Competitive, Industry & Audience Insights
  • Stakeholder Discovery Sessions
  • Narrative Framework Delivery — we take an iterative approach to refine a complete framework for telling a story that everyone in the company can use
  • Ongoing Narrative Optimization — we treat narrative as a living thing vs. a one-time project

Business Messaging

Narrative is about way more than a press release boilerplate or “About Us” page. It’s about how all communications — from sales decks and website copy to social media profiles and posts, media articles, employee communications and emails to your network — come together to shape customer and market perceptions. We help companies bring their narratives to life across their many marketing channels. We expertly adapt messages to the audience and context without ever losing sight of or straying from the overarching story.

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