Corporate Communications

Reputation building & protection that grows brand equity

We lean into our corporate communications expertise to put and keep clients in the best light with all their stakeholder audiences.  

Crisis Communications

In our 20 years in public relations, we’ve helped clients manage more sticky situations than we’d like to count. From security breaches, public safety issues, system outages and criminal investigations to executive departures, workforce reductions and employee misconduct, our experience runs deep.

When crises arise, we move fast but with focus on the fundamentals of our crisis response framework: being prepared, situational awareness, compassion, single source of truth, naming the crisis on your own terms and reparative actions. We support all stages of crises with services including:

  • Crisis Risk Assessment & Preparedness Planning
  • Simulation Exercises & Spokesperson Coaching
  • Crisis Response Activation & Monitoring
  • Issues Resolution & Reputational Repair

Financial Communications

We know our way around a business goal and have positively positioned clients for funding, valuations, IPOs and acquisitions. We build favorable reputation with investors (or future investors) and potential partners through positive media coverage around corporate momentum, funding rounds, earnings reports, category disruption and more.

We also collaborate closely with the Capital Markets team within the AVENIR GLOBAL network, whose advisors have worked in-house at public companies and on the trading floor, taken numerous companies public, and advised on high-profile joint ventures and multibillion dollar acquisitions.

Purpose & CSR

We’ve worked with clients — including Toyota and McDonald’s — across a range of industries to build CSR platforms that do more than feel good. Our programs deliver meaningful impact for community partners and the business.

Together, we identify the focus areas that align with business goals and allow an organization to own an issue, support it across multiple touchpoints, ignite employee passion to be a part of it and create outcomes that make external stakeholders think, “this is a company with the same values as mine.”

Reputation Strategy & Management

We treat reputation as an everyday job, a long game. Every organization has acute and chronic vulnerabilities, from negative reviews to disgruntled employee posts, internal memos manifesting on Reddit, objections around business practices and less-than-flattering press stories.

Our programs put into place a team that thinks critically about and helps organizations take control of their corporate, employer and product reputations on an ongoing basis. We build and enact a proactive plan that analyzes threats, amplifies a company’s vision and culture, and responds strategically, giving the brand a human voice that’s empathetic and authentic.

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