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October 15, 2020
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SEO Principles & Insights Enhance PR Performance in New Offering

PR’s function in a marcom strategy is critical yet broad, ranging from building awareness to establishing trust and credibility and everything in between. To be successful, the program must regularly engage and influence its target audience. 

That said, engaging customers is more complex than ever. They’re performing on-demand research, which is especially extensive for B2B products and services, to educate themselves on solutions in real-time. At the same time, a staggering 90% of online content receives zero organic search traffic. This means nearly all the content and stories PR professionals develop — meant to build awareness and educate — will never be found unless the target audience is tuned in at the exact moment it’s released.

This puts some of the traditional constructs of PR at risk. It also presents a massive opportunity for the companies that adapt. That opportunity? SEO-optimized, discoverable PR. 

Let us introduce you to Optimized PR, SHIFT’s new performance-based earned media offering. This new approach to PR strategy is designed, executed and refined with core SEO principles at the forefront. It combines data-driven messaging and topic development, fundamental content optimization principles and high-quality backlink acquisition techniques to drive deeper visibility and value of the earned, owned and contributed content we create.

Because search is so essential to how people learn about a topic and is the starting point for nearly all customer journeys, PR strategy uninformed by search is no longer sustainable. SHIFT is committed to leading the charge within the industry to make this change.

Our performance-driven approach integrates SEO into all we do, ensuring we create informed content that hits on the current interests and behaviors of the audiences we’re attempting to engage. The resulting outcomes from this unique approach are both game changing and sustainable:

  • Earned media that ranks in search engines and, thus, is seen by more people for a longer period of time
  • Owned content that ranks for a broader set of keywords and drives more qualified organic traffic
  • Firmly establishes expertise, authority and trust in your space with qualified audiences around highly-trafficked topics  

Today and moving forward, strategies that heavily focus on discoverability will greatly outperform those that don’t.

We’d love to help you enhance your PR program to win in search and drive the qualified traffic your business needs to achieve its lead and revenue objectives. Contact us at or your SHIFT program lead if you’re interested in learning more about Optimized PR.

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