How to Use Survey Data for Brand Awareness and PR

At SHIFT we are constantly analyzing media stories and talking to reporters to understand industry themes across all sectors, from technology to consumer products. What we often find is that reporters have heard anecdotal stories about general trends, but need data to round out a story or for a source to provide hard, solid proof.

That’s where a survey can come in. Surveying the general population, even for B2B brands, or a targeted business audience helps provide a better understanding of what end users want, what they’re thinking and doing, and plenty of data to share with reporters or build branded content around.

What can a survey do for your brand? Here’s an example of how SHIFT used survey data to drive media coverage and marketing exposure.

Samanage, an enterprise service management company, wanted to go beyond general technology media coverage and become a leading voice in the technology services space. Instead of talking about service tickets and IT processes, we talked to end users — everyday office workers.

By surveying the general population on feelings about work email and how they use technology to be productive, or unproductive, at work, SHIFT and Samanage were able to garner data that told a big story picture about how people interact with technology in the workplace. The story was grim for workers.

SHIFT, using Google Surveys, constructed two separate surveys meant to build a comprehensive understanding of the realities of work life. The results showed that employees wasted time at work on mundane IT tasks that could easily be automated, and spent more time outside the office checking email than they did taking vacation.

The data was shared with reporters for inclusion in news stories, including more than a dozen media placements from USA Today to eWeek. It also generated media interview requests to talk about the state of work and IT, and the data was repurposed to create original content and social posts.

Here’s a snapshot of the survey goals and outcomes


  • Build thought leadership and brand awareness
  • Position company as the leader in IT Service Management & Enterprise Service Success
  • Raise share of voice (SOV) against large enterprise competitors


  • Demonstrate leadership by providing commentary and data around top IT and workplace trends
  • Use original research and content, including Google Survey


  • Google Survey campaign resulted in 15 pieces of coverage, including USA Today, Inc., Baseline and eWeek. The content was also used for email campaigns, content generation & social posts
  • Dramatically increased media share of voice against competitors

Overall, a well-written survey has great potential to measure and promote brand awareness at the same time, and SHIFT was able to do that for our client.

Thinking of creating your own survey for PR? Here are some tips to get you started, or contact us today to have us build and run one for you!

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