Twitter Tips: Crafting The Right Tweet

Ever get here and draw a blank? Or do you get here, draft and send a tweet you think is absolutely stellar, then don’t see the results you were expecting?

Long copy or short copy? Percentages or prices? To hashtag or not to hashtag? These are age old Twitter copy questions that can make or break the quality of your tweet, or worse, your entire campaign. The answers to those questions, and more, lie below via a handful of tried-and-true Twitter tips.

Sense of urgency

Create that “I need it and I needed it yesterday” response from your audience by using words and phrases that cause a natural reaction to act as soon as possible. Use words like “hurry,” “fast,” “quick” and “running out” to elicit that must have reaction and emphasize urgency. Tweets that create a sense of urgency see a 10% higher link click rate.

Discounts in percentages

Instead of using a dollar amount when promoting a discount, use percentages. Because getting something 20% off just sounds a lot more like a steal than $5 off. Am I right, or am I right? If that isn’t convincing enough, Twitter ads that use a discount percentage rather than a discounted price see a 40% lower CPA. Just the mere thought of saving can be powerful enough to make someone act.

New is better

Everyone wants the latest and greatest. So if you’re promoting a new eBook, webinar, whitepaper or any type of resource, flaunt it. New is a word that can grab anyone’s attention. Tweets that mention new products or services see a 10% lower CPA and a 26% lower cost per link click.

Avoid hashtags

Even though Twitter and hashtags are basically the social media Batman and Robin, too many hashtags on Twitter can be detrimental to your overall message. Too many hashtags can distract the viewer from your main point. Want to hear something crazy? Brace yourself. It is, believe or not, recommended you get rid of hashtags all together in Tweet copy. Tweets that use hashtags see a 24% higher CPA and 3% lower link click rate. If you’re using hashtags, use a maximum of two or three.

Short and sweet

Don’t try to squeeze every ounce of information into your tweets. Keep the copy short, sweet and to the point. Promoted tweets with 40-60 characters see a much lower cost per acquisition than those with longer copy.

Chance to win

Winning isn’t everything. Unless it’s a sweepstakes or contest, then it IS everything. Is there any better feeling than winning a prize? Didn’t think so. Incorporate the desire to win in your tweets to entice viewers to click. Make it clear that they can be a winner by using words like “win,” “sweepstakes,” or “contest.” Tweets offering prizes or competition see a 40% lower cost per acquisition. Looks like you’ll be the real winner here.

Ask a question

If engagement were a car, then questions would be in the driver’s seat. Questions are a perfect way to drive engagement and get your brand on the top of people’s minds. Using a question in your copy will give you a 9% lower cost per link click and 16% higher link click rate.

Try out one of these tips today and watch your tweets become more effective right before your very eyes. Even the smallest of modifications to your copy can have a massive impact on the performance.

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