The Tricks and Treats of Building an Infographic

Whether you’re a child or grown adult, one of the best parts of Halloween is always the candy. But ever wonder who’s buying all those Fun Size Kit Kats and Snickers? Or where they’re buying them?

Here at SHIFT, we coupled our love of candy and data to create the infographic below (click for larger image) showcasing consumers’ Halloween candy buying and spending habits. We found a few interesting tidbits amongst our research:

  • Nearly half of Americans won’t be buying Halloween candy this year.
  • The younger crowd has the Boomers beat when it comes to buying candy.
  • More women will buy candy, but men will spend more when they do purchase it.

Like most creative pieces, the infographic was an evolution and team effort that didn’t happen overnight. We pride ourselves on collaboration at SHIFT, and this was a great example of multiple teams coming together to create the best final product possible.

The concept was originally born during one of our weekly brainstorm sessions. After refining the idea, we conducted a survey of 5,000 respondents (full methodology featured at the bottom of the infographic below). This original research led to numerous data points that we synthesized into insights that then drove the copy for the infographic.

With the copy in hand, we tapped our Creative Services team to design an infographic. Uber-talented and savvy, their ability to create compelling visual strategies for infographics always relies on a process of creating and vetting with the same questions as filters: What are the broad objectives? Who are we talking to? What are we telling them? Why should they care? Where will it be seen? What’s the attention span? How “branded” should we appear? And then, at last, what’s the appropriate message and visual strategy? Though our team allowed time for revisions, in this case they all but nailed it on the first draft.

We then worked with our consumer teams in both the Boston and San Francisco offices to pitch the infographic and insights to various media outlets.

At the end of the day, the process was a true SHIFT-wide project that showcases our integrated capabilities with a kicka$$ final product. I sense a case study coming on… after we finish off the Halloween candy.

Halloween Candy Infographic 800px

Zach Burrus
Marketing Analyst


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