Balancing Act: Transitioning into Your Promotion

As a junior-level PR pro, there will be few times in your career as stressful and demanding as when you are promoted. Whether it’s a promotion from intern to account coordinator, or account coordinator to account executive, you will likely retain old tasks for a bit of time in addition to assuming the responsibilities of your new position.

For example, in your new role, you may feel pressure to work much longer hours to accomplish your duties. However, this exposes you to the risk of burning out, which isn’t good for you, or your team.

Below are three tips to help you maintain your mental well-being, while still managing to accomplish your tasks during your transition:

1. Schedule your time

Spend 15 minutes each morning, using whatever method suits you best, to figure out how much time the individual tasks on your to-do list will take you. By planning out your day in advance, you’ll be able to effectively manage your time. This two-step process is particularly effective:

  • Jot down all tasks with pen and paper to get a broad look at the various assignments on your plate. This includes meetings, assignments due that day, and longer-term projects.
  • Create a second, private calendar in Outlook to block out time for the tasks you plan to work on. The calendar reminders will keep you on track throughout the day, and provide you with a holistic look at your schedule. Added bonus—it makes tracking your time a dream!

2. Communicate

Make sure you’re communicating with your team on a regular basis. Let them know if you’re struggling to handle your new responsibilities due to lingering tasks from your previous role. Your manager wants you to be learning and growing into your new position, and will likely be happy to sit down with you to chat over how to reassess your priorities. If you’re a new account coordinator, this may mean passing some of your intern duties back to your colleagues. As a new account executive, it may mean working to distribute things like action items more evenly across the team during busy weeks. Keeping an open dialogue will ensure that you are thriving in the new role, rather than drowning.

3. Be ballsy

It can be scary to write your first client email, take on a new report or build media relationships, but don’t let it intimidate you. Rather than spend precious time fretting about the new task at hand, take a deep breath, tell yourself you’re a rockstar, and dive in. Anxiety about new tasks can be paralyzing, but remember, you were promoted for a reason. Your team has full confidence that you can handle the tasks at hand. The less time you spend worrying, the more time you’ll have to be amazing in your new role.

All in all, it doesn’t take a lot to start feeling overwhelmed in a new role – extra responsibilities, more expectations and unfamiliar tasks can create a stressful work environment. However, if you take proactive actions to manage your time and wellbeing, you can help maximize chances of success in your new position.

Hannah Lurie
Account Executive


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