This Week in Tech: Heading Into the Long Weekend

Heading into Memorial Day weekend, but want to make sure you haven’t missed the biggest stories in tech? Don’t worry – we have you covered. Before leaving for the long weekend, take a look at what our B2B tech teams have been paying attention to over the past few days:

Apple sends out WWDC invites

On Wednesday, Apple sent out media invites for its Worldwide Developers Conference, which is taking place on June 3rd. The company will most likely announce new software updates for the majority of its devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac. If you’re a Tech PR pro with some news planned for early June, I’d recommend avoiding the 3rd at all costs. There is going to be a lot of distracted reporters, and I’m sure Twitter will be busy complaining about the new iOS updates (kind of an annual tradition).

Bipartisan support for facial recognition regulation

At a congressional hearing on Wednesday, leaders from both parties discussed concerns over the use of facial recognition software by law enforcement. This comes after San Francisco became the first US city to place limits on the use of the tech earlier this month (a pretty big red flag when the most tech-savvy area of the country wants to shut it down). I wouldn’t be surprised if this conversation is just getting started.

GitHub wants open source contributors to get paid

This week, GitHub launched a new tool called Sponsors, which allows you to provide payments to open source developers. It’s an interesting idea which GitHub believes will open up more opportunities to build on open source, but it could receive some pushback since it might persuade developers to focus on the projects that attract big financial contributions, over less profitable ones.

Baltimore shut down by ransomware

Baltimore has a major cybersecurity situation on its hands, as the city’s email system has been shut down since May 7th after suffering a massive ransomware attack. There’s still no exact timeline on when systems will be restored, and the Mayor has vowed not to pay the ransom. For more details, check out this piece in Dark Reading.

Pro tip

Pitching and securing broadcast media opportunities can be a huge challenge for many PR pros, but it’s not impossible. For some solid advice on how to make it happen, check out this recent blog post.

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