Welcome back to your favorite weekly tech news roundup. The end of the year is quickly approaching – did you miss any major tech news while you were hard at work finalizing your 2020 plans? If so, don’t you worry. Here are the top stories our PR teams have been monitoring throughout the week:

Five cities account for huge majority of tech job growth

According to a recent study, five U.S. cities accounted for a whopping 90 percent of all U.S. high-tech job growth between 2005 – 2017 – Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and San Jose. This shows a very high concentration of resources, allowing for a strong talent pool in these areas with the ability to spread new ideas quickly while leaving the rest of the country at a big disadvantage when looking to establish and build their own tech-driven economies.

Is Facebook still a great place to work?

Facebook’s ranking on Glassdoor’s annual list of best places to work dropped for the second straight year, falling 16 spots to number 23. There’s no doubt that this slide was caused, at least partially, by the social media giant’s onslaught of privacy-related bad PR throughout the year. The top three companies for 2020 were HubSpot, Bain & Co. and Docusign.

Will Twitter decentralize?

This week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that he wanted his social network to stop being a self-contained platform and start delivering content from a decentralized system. To try and make it happen, he’s announced a project called Bluesky, which will be funding the initiative.

Hulu rolls out its new binge ad format

Just in time for the holidays, Hulu has rolled out its new ad format tailored to binge-watching viewers. It’ll features three ads that run over the duration of three episodes of a show. Before the third episode airs, the final ad will offer viewers either an ad-free episode sponsored by the advertiser or a special offer.

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