As busy PR professionals, it is certainly easy to get caught up in the everyday work cycle. Whether it’s facilitating media briefings or pitching your client’s latest developments, our minds are always racing as we are constantly thinking one step ahead. In the bustle of our busy professional lives, it’s important to take a step back, get out of the office for a few hours, and give back to the community.

We all know Boston is a beautiful city, but it is not without hardship and a need for help. Thankfully, SHIFT deeply values giving back to the community, as we are allotted volunteering hours each year. This is a value that I really resonate with, and volunteering is something that I especially hold close to me, as I’ve spent my high school and college years participating in mission trips to places as far as Ghana, and as close as Camden, New Jersey.

The Reward of Giving Back Group

On Valentine’s Day, the healthcare team took a trip to The Greater Boston Food Bank. We did not know what to expect, but we were ready for the task. Upon arrival, one of the GBFB employees showed us the ropes for the process of sorting through donated food. There were countless categories we were challenged to remember, such as the difference between canned soup and boxed broth. After detailed instruction and guidance, it was time for us to man our stations at the conveyer belt and sort through pounds and pounds of donated food for the next couple of hours.

We were surprised as to how fast-paced the food sorting process was. It was grab-and-go when you saw a food item for your designated category come around on the conveyer belt. Despite the challenges that come along with quickly mistaking tomato sauce for tomato soup, it was amazing to see how much food is donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank on a daily basis. It seemed never-ending. This experience reminded us how important it is for community members to give back and donate food. There can never be too many donations.

The Reward of Giving Back WorkingBy the end of the day, our team (along with other groups we worked with) packed 8,884 pounds of food, which is enough for 7,403 meals. We are excited and motivated to pack even more food next time we visit the food bank.

Experiences like this remind me of the difference one person can make, no matter how big or small. Not only was this a great way to lend a hand in a part of the food donation process, but it was also a wonderful way to bond with my team members outside of the office. We look forward to our next opportunity to volunteer, and we encourage others to explore these opportunities in Boston, too. There is always a need for a helping hand!

Maddie Peters

Account Coordinator 



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