The Benefits of Integrating Mobile Apps With Social Media

Mobile technology and mobile phones are amongst the best inventions that have happened to humans. Both have helped place meaningful information in your hands with ease. Today, you can access the internet not just on your personal computer but via your mobile phones. This is not only a plus for you but for your business if you can innovate with mobile technology. Most entrepreneurs understand the importance of mobile technology in business and are using it. Of recent, people tend to invest more in building mobile apps for business than they were in the past. This led to the growth of frontier mobile app development company across the globe.

Mobile app development offers countless opportunities without boundaries. In fact, with mobile apps, you can transform your business beyond reasonable imaginations. Not just that, integrating your business app with social media can take your business to the moon. This is the beauty when you innovate with mobile technology. Most mobile app development companies cannot ignore this practice in its app development.

What is social media?

Social media is made up of different services over the internet that gives you the privilege to interact with people. With social media, you can create and share platforms and content with your online communities. Hence, integrating your app with social media is an opportunity to market your business without limits.

Today, a majority of mobile app development companies build apps integrated with social media. This key design strategy can help you promote your brand name to millions across the globe. More so, it gives you the platform to know your customers and what they think of your business. You cannot ignore the use of social media for your business and mobile app. It is a mistake too grave to make in this era where social media accounts for over 2 billion users across the globe.

What is social media integration?

When you integration social media within your app, people can easily share app content via social media platforms to help grow your business. The aim is to get the attention of people and thereafter lure them to patronize your business. Thus, you convert them into frequent users of your app and business. This is the beauty when you integrate your mobile app with social media.

When you do this, you activate your potential customer to see the better side of your business. At the end, this can turn your potential customers into your word-of-mouth advertisers. It is a trend for most mobile app development companies to integrate apps with social media.

How you can integrate your mobile app with social media

Here is how you can integrate your mobile app with social media to grow your business:

Add social media sharing to your mobile app

With the advent of mobile phones and social media, people tend to access lots of content on the go. So, it is important you include social media sharing via social media click-to-add buttons on your app. Make this CTAs as large as possible to ensure app users can see and share them. Add these social media CTAS to all pieces of content on your app. That way, users can share articles or posts from your app on social media with ease.

Create avenues so your visitors can sign into your app using their social media accounts

It is annoying to fill out forms, especially via mobile phones. So, create avenues where app visitors can sign in to your app to access relevant posts and products. This will not only help you to create a relevant mailing list but also increases conversion.

Encourage user engagement by integrating your app with social media feed

The tendency that users will get inspired to visit your app due to social media feed is quite high. The truth is; people get inspired by merely seeing what their friends are doing. So, it is important you integrate your app with a social feed. The aim is to show potential users that their friends use your app. Most mobile app development companies do not design an app without integrating it with social feeds. This is a practice you cannot ignore if you want to grow your business and brand via your app.

Create fun avenues to share and promote your mobile app on social media

One of the best places to recruit new users for your mobile app is via your known social media circle. These individuals will love to have a robust encounter with the human side of your business. So, create fun and unique avenues to share and promote your app to these individuals. You will attract attention and increase app demand if you do something unique on social media. Most mobile app development companies understand this practice and has never failed to use it.

Top benefits of integrating your app with social media for business growth

Creating a super app for your business is not enough. The truth is: you need to create a strong demand for your app to make it a success. Some business owners believe that in-app adverts are the best way to build demand for an app. However, this is a misconception and one far from the truth. There are a million and one inexpensive ways you can build and drive demand for your apps. To maximize your business app, you need to integrate such app with social media.

To recap, here are a few benefits of doing so:

  1. Increased valuable and loyal customer insight.
  2. Increased and rapid brand and business awareness leading to increased customer loyalty.
  3. Ability to launch targeted adverts with promises of massive real-time outcomes and results.
  4. Higher conversion leads resulting in increased conversion rate.
  5. Improved and great customer experiences.
  6. Improved and increased traffic as well as ranking on search engines. 

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