Marketers and advertisers Monday-morning quarterback after the Super Bowl (aka the Ad Bowl) every year:

  • Whose ads were watched the most?
  • Whose ads were talked about the most?
  • Which ads were great, and which ads flopped?

We looked at this from a different angle. Which 2015 Super Bowl ads got SHARED the most? After all, it’s easy to press the like button. It’s more commitment to say something about it. It’s still more commitment to share it, because sharing content can be an implicit endorsement of the content.

Using in-house tools, we looked at the YouTube videos of each ad to see how many times each URL was shared, and on which social networks:

shift super bowl.001

Want to share this? Just copy and paste:

Sharing by itself of a YouTube video isn’t the absolute indicator of an ad’s success. Social shares don’t tell you anything about the conversation around the ads or the sentiment of the share; certainly, a lot of vigorous discussion has come up about the Nationwide ad in particular. However, sharing is certainly part of the mix as a concrete action people take. Congratulations to Budweiser, the most-shared winner of Ad Bowl 2015!

Christopher S. Penn
Vice President, Marketing Technology

Disclosures: Based on shares on social networks of YouTube videos of ads for all ads that had public URLs at time of data pull. Data extracted on February 1 at 11 PM Eastern Time by SHIFT Communications, segmented by network. Includes only ads that aired on television. Thumbnails via YouTube. T-Mobile is a SHIFT client.

See the original data here:



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