How Snowden Changed Security Communications for the C-Level


SHIFT has had the pleasure of representing a variety of security vendors (both public and startup) over the years, and we’ve noticed a significant change in the market temperature over the past 12 months. The very nature of security, its definition and importance to every enterprise and global markets, has fundamentally changed. Through concurrent trends such as social network advertising, the rise of mobile and increasing consumer breaches along with events like Snowden/NSA, individuals are now aware of the value of their data and are expecting corporations to be held accountable.

Our eBook, “Security: Out of the Server Room and into the Board Room” sets the conversation on why this change has been so rapid, its impact on the function of corporate communications and suggestions for where to start to ensure you’re prepared for the inevitable.

The recent Target breach and CEO termination further shows that Boards of Directors are aware of how a security gap can lead to wide and negative corporate impact. Brands need to consider security not as “insurance” or an IT issue, but a fundamental strategic initiative that requires C-Level vigilance and crisis communications planning like never before. Whether it’s financial data or core IP, manufacturing line production data or your SaaS portal for sales lead information – in the end, it’s all data that’s at risk.

It’s time for brands of all sizes to reorient their definitions of security and risk and begin planning for the day when digital risk is a regular line item during the Board of Directors’ monthly meeting.

This serves as a quick glimpse into the ever-changing security landscape and its impact on the communications industry. For more expert tips and takeaways, download the full eBook.

Derek Lyons
Vice President


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