SHIFT took to the streets at Boston TechJam 2019 last Thursday, to network and share some swag. Not only were there Tech Companies from all around the Boston Area, but beer, food trucks, games, and even live music!

Despite the rain, our dedicated SHIFTers volunteered to hand out koozies to thirsty TechJam(mers) and they were a HUGE hit. Not only did we help keep beverages frosty cold, but we were able to keep hands warm from the wet and unseasonably brisk weather while spreading awareness of SHIFT’s brand at the event (despite the rapid disintegration of our paper bags).

All in all at the end of the night, koozies trended towards SHIFT red, and social media posts kept TechJam attendees in the loop about where they could find their own Get SHIFT Faced koozies.

Hopefully the weather will be sunny and warm next year, but you never know what Boston weather patterns will be! Maybe it was just Mother Nature’s tears over the Bruin’s ugly game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup Finals, but regardless SHIFT will be back next year with more swag and guaranteed swagger.

Get SHIFT Faced Koozie
Needless to say, these were a hit!

Chris Boehmer,
Senior Marketing Strategist

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