SHIFT CEO Todd Defren on “What PR Professionals Need to Know NOW About Social Media”

SHIFT’s CEO, Todd Defren, was recently interviewed by our clients at Marketing Cloud about what today’s PR & marketing professionals need to understand (now!) about Social Media’s impact on communications strategy. One of our favorite excerpts?

Look out your window: see that guy drinking a coffee while fiddling with his smartphone?  Maybe he’s writing a review of your company or product on Yelp, Twitter, Facebook … which will be indexed by Google… which might be excerpted in a mainstream media feature… which in turn could get picked up and further spread by a blogger… which ultimately will impact the purchase decision of your next customer.  That guy drinking coffee while fiddling with his smartphone may be as important to your success as any NY TIMES reporter.

Ain’t it the truth. The whole interview is worth a look, on the Radian6 blog.

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