SHIFT Ranked #10 Fastest Growing PR Agency in the U.S.

Holmes Report World PR ReportMic check, mic check – is this thing on?

We apologize in advance for the following humble brag, but we just couldn’t hold it in. 11 years ago, we ventured out into the world as a new agency. At the time, we were a mere 38 people with open minds and a drive to succeed. Fast forward to 2014, and there are now 143 of us, with three office locations across the country. It’s been a ride.

Which is why we were especially excited to hear the news this week, specifically, we’ve been ranked:

It almost makes us want to let out a Howard Dean-esque scream. (Yes, we took it back to 2004 for a second.)

Our work hard, play hard attitude has allowed us to provide exemplary client service while fostering a culture where we actually like coming to work every day. And you know what? We’re proud of it.

Here’s to staying true to who we are and a future of success.

Amanda Grinavich
Senior Marketing Analyst


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