Post-Pandemic Planning: What Worked Before Won’t Work After

Though many of us are still grappling with real-time communications and decisions, a new reality with lasting changes awaits us on the other end of the pandemic.

Even as the economy begins to re-open, business will look different. Consumer behaviors have shifted radically and rapidly.

Our advice is simple. Don’t assume that what worked in February will work in June, because it quite likely won’t.

None of us can predict with any degree of certainty how, and how quickly, things will recover. As a result, proceeding with the way we’ve always done things and assuming they will work now could well backfire and do your business more harm than good.

There are so many questions we must ask of our brands relative to how we communicate going forward.

That’s why we’ve created SHIFT/reboot. It tees many of those questions up for you.

SHIFT/reboot is a combination of audits, workshops and actionable plan development to help companies get back to market smarter – and differently than before. It’s built around three fundamental questions:

  • What’s changed and what hasn’t in our market(s) and amongst our stakeholders, and what are the implications to us on how we go to market?
  • How can we best position our brand(s) company, products and services as timely, relevant and distinctive solutions of choice for our target customers, consumers and users?
  • How do we best engage and earn/re-earn the trust of our various stakeholder groups, some of whom may feel somewhat alienated after the crisis?

If you’d like to learn more, view our SHIFT/reboot playbook. Check out our other COVID-19 resources and if you have any questions or just want to chat, please contact our leadership team at

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