#Positive: Using the Power of Social Media For Good

INBOUND_2013_Bold_Talks_-_Chris_Penn__Awaken_Your_Superhero__Social_Media_Beyond_Business__-_YouTubeSocial media is more than just LOLcats. As public relations and marketing professionals, we intuitively understand this. However, social media can be more than just a way to sell more stuff or build brand awareness, too. The power of social media can, if we use the tools to their maximum potential, be a way of doing more good, bringing more positivity into the world, making change for the better happen.

At last year’s INBOUND 2013 conference, SHIFT VP of Marketing Technology shared a 12 minute Bold Talk about how social media tools can help you be a hero, perhaps even a superhero, if you have the motivation to do so:

Making the world a better place is as close as pulling the smartphone out of your pocket. It’s the epitome of one of our core values, Positive, and it’s within reach of everyone.

This year, make a commitment to take positive action!

Chel Wolverton
Senior Marketing Analyst


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