National Health IT Week: A Look at Healthcare in 2030

National Health IT Week ebookIn celebration of National Health IT Week, the SHIFT Communications Healthcare Team took to the streets (figuratively speaking) to gather insights from some of the leading minds in healthcare. We asked industry experts and veterans like Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Chief Medical Office at Dell, and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Economist and contributor to the Huffington Post, this question:

The Year is 2030 – What Does Healthcare Look Like for the Consumer?

In this eBook, these experts sound off on how they foresee technology changing healthcare for the consumer by 2030 – from more widespread use of personalized artificial intelligence to the enablement of true at-home care through the use of sensors and telehealth technology.  How do you see healthcare evolving for the consumer come 2030?  Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter leveraging the hashtag, #NHITweek.

Katie McGraw
Vice President


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