Happy Friday! January is almost coming to a close (time flies!) and as we ease into the ‘twenty-teen’ years, we got thinking, well about our teen years. We got even more nostalgic when we saw the new Internet Explorer ad that harkens back to the 90s, so we asked a bunch of SHIFTers to share some teen memories. Fortunately, we’re not going to over-share about first loves or oily skin, so hopefully we haven’t lost you yet! Not surprisingly, us SHIFTers love our tech, which turned out to be a recurring theme. We also have a ‘rescue’ by someone famous but I digress. Read on for vivid memories of dial-up Internet, gaming (remember Snake, anyone?) and giant first cell phones. We hope this post takes you down memory lane! What are your favorite teen memories?

“The one thing that I immediately think of when it comes to technology and my teen years was my big, Nokia 5110 cell phone with the bulky light pink cover. Best thing about that phone? Playing snake while “cheering” on the boys basketball team from the stands.” – Nicole Kruse, Senior Account Executive

“Getting Atari for Christmas with both Pac Man and Space Invaders – hours of fun that I convinced my parents was actually quite good for me because it helped develop hand/eye coordination.” – Amy Lyons, President

“A defining moment in my teen years was getting the Internet. The scratchy, staticky sound of AOL dialing up still takes me back to my freshmen year, IMing cheat sheets and FINALLY not having to go to the library to conduct research for my English papers.” – Danielle Mancano, Account Director

“As a Millennial (or are we called GenM now?), I’ve had a cell phone since I was about 9.  When I was 13, I was the first of my friends to get a camera phone. I quickly learned that being the only one with a camera phone meant I indeed could not share photos with anyone at all. What a letdown. A decade later, it’s mindboggling to think about how drastically things have changed.” – Katie Tully, Account Executive

“When I was 15, my school offered a class trip to DC during the inauguration. While watching the parade, I was literally swept away by a mob of people and ended up miles away from my group and started crying. Eventually, a Good Samaritan saw me weeping and came to my rescue, giving me his VIP ticket to get back to the parade. It turned out to be Jack Oliver, the Deputy Chairman of the RNC.” – Alex Brooks, Senior Account Executive

“Either the explosion of text messaging happened while I was in high school, or I was just late to the party. I got my first cell phone (a Motorola) during my freshman year. My door into the world of texting came with a price – since I didn’t have a texting plan, I rolled up between $100 and $200 on my mom’s bill that month.” – Dave Finn, Account Executive

Reshma Fernandes
Senior Account Manager

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