Inside the Campaign: Sweetening Sales in the Manuka Honey Market

A Q&A on Wedderspoon’s Market Takeover with Taylor Gallagher, Account Director, Consumer Team

Give us the 10,000-foot view of the campaign.

Taylor: Right now, interest in personal wellness and holistic health is at an all-time high. Manuka Honey fits squarely into it, yet there’s been no clear leader owning top attention. So, Wedderspoon brought on SHIFT to help take over the market during a key push period of cold and flu season.

We have amazing clients in the Wedderspoon team. They showed us a lot of trust in putting together a truly integrated awareness and education campaign, and it really helped move the needle in terms of market leadership and, ultimately, sales.

What was the aha moment that sparked the strategy?

Taylor: There wasn’t an aha moment per se, but we did realize at the get-go that we needed to start with the basics. Wedderspoon already had great content, but if we were going to drive growth, we needed to make it go further and get those messages out to new audiences. So, the strategy and plan really centered around reach and engagement.

The cool thing about this campaign is that the tactics and spend are super accessible to brands of any size, but the practicality didn’t limit the impact.

What did campaign buildout and tactics look like?

Our overarching goal was to position Wedderspoon Manuka Honey as the most delicious way to boost daily wellness and support your immune system, tying back to that key cold and flu season. So, we created a four-pronged campaign. The first prong was media relations, our bread and butter, which entailed aggressive outreach around a robust editorial calendar of timely pitch topics from anything like “Fall Foods to Supercharge Your Gut Health” to “Immunity Boosting Foods That Are Also Great for Your Skin.” We also hosted a really engaging in-person Fall WellBEEing Media Event, with delicious honey-soaked appetizers, themed cocktails, a DIY beauty bar and on-site skin treatments. Next up, influencer marketing was important for this campaign, so we rolled out a “Manuka Honey Hacks” campaign where Instagram and TikTok creators shared ways they were using Wedderspoon to up their wellness game.

Lastly, we had paid media support via a MAT release, which was a net-new tactic for the company. It ended up being a really effective way to get a message out in the media that we had total control over.

Did you hit any snags along the way?

So, of course, some of the influencers and media we invited to our event couldn’t attend. We turned it into an opportunity, by following up with a media mailer that was focused around at-home/DIY face masks. A lot of people know you can eat the honey, but few know that it has benefits for your skin as well. And that resonated really well and resulted in several pieces of top-tier coverage.

What was the impact for the business?

Wedderspoon saw a 125% y-o-y revenue boost in its key cold and flu season from combined PR, marketing and sales efforts, which is incredible. Some of the KPIs that contributed were 700,000 impressions for our influencer campaign (which is still in progress) and a total takeover of media market share versus the competition, with nearly 1,000 pieces of earned and paid editorial coverage from our full press media relations efforts and the MAT release.

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