How to Grow Social Media Without a Community Manager

You know your brand needs a strong social media presence. Provided you did not emerge from a time capsule yesterday; you have known this for a long time. The verdict is here: the sky is blue, and brands need social. In fact, 9 out of 10 marketers say that social media is important to their business. You’re probably on the same page as them.

However, you also know that maintaining multiple social profiles on behalf of a brand is a lot of work. At a basic level, social media presence of any size requires consistent content creation and engagement. For companies without a dedicated social media team, resources are often scares as people balance their core PR and marketing responsibilities with trying to maintain social presence. It becomes an after thought.

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Managing a brand’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Snapchat, and Tumblr can feel like this without enough help.

Imagine this: your company is growing, and your efforts are helping. Leadership takes notice of how awesome you are and you find yourself with a slightly bigger budget. Or, you’ve recently learned to make your program more cost efficient and you freed up some funds.  Being the smart media wrangler you are, you know to send some of that budget towards social media. But, you’re not able to hire a full-time community manager yet.  This leaves you with the question: how can you get your social media off the ground without going broke?

If you find yourself in need of resources that simply won’t come internally, you may want to consider tapping an agency to help. An agency can serve as an extended arm of your team, there to assist you with the daily community management activities that you can’t dedicate yourself to. Most work rapidly to get up-to-speed on your messaging and voice; with a quick brand training, they can begin developing content calendars, monitoring for response opportunities and more.

Here’s are examples of other ways an agency can help expand your social program:

  •    – Content Creation (including graphic content, social posts)
  •    – Real-time monitoring and engagement (or flagging engagement opportunities)
  •    – Development and maintenance of social advertising campaigns
  •    – Data-driven reporting and insights

Beyond taking some of the work off your plate, agencies offer another big benefit: experience. Agencies often have social media experience across a number of industries and brands. They know what it takes to grow social accounts in a huge variety of situations. They also know how to avoid the biggest beginner blunders. We all know what it looks like when brands go viral for the wrong reasons.

Don’t skimp on giving your social media presence the resources it needs to grow. For many, it’s too important a part of your marketing plan to neglect. Agencies have the experience you need, and they know how to step in where you need them most

Savannah Whitman
Marketing Coordinator


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