The Future of Marketing: Elizabeth Segran


Back in September, we attended the FutureM and INBOUND Conferences in Boston. As you might expect at an event called “Future of Marketing,” we spent a lot of time talking about, well, the future of marketing.

We had a chance to interview some of the top thinkers driving innovation and transformation in the marketing world, and get their perspective on the Big Question: What IS the future of marketing?

Who is Elizabeth Segran?

  • A contributing writer at Fast Company whose work has also appeared in renowned publications such as The Atlantic and The New Republic
  • A former SHIFTer who worked on several of the Agency’s B2B tech clients
  • An author whose book, The River Speaks, was published in 2012
  • You can find her on Twitter @LizSegran.

In her discussion with SHIFT VP of Marketing Technology, Christopher Penn, Elizabeth offers these takeaways about the future of marketing:

  • One key to marketing today is finding the essential and profound truth that your brand represents and using that as your marketing engine.
  • Brands that have succeeded in conveying this truth are those thinking more deeply and philosophically about their product or service, allowing them to evolve over time with a long-term strategy.
  • The industry has yet to understand the value of visual analysis. While marketers are skilled at analyzing the words people are communicating on social media to better understand their preferences, the future of the industry also rests on analyzing images to glean these insights.
  • The term Millennial has become a bit obsolete in marketing given that the generation is now so large that segmenting it could help pros better understand the various groups within it.


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