The Future of Marketing with David Meerman Scott

Blog_Graphic_v3Back in September, we attended the FutureM and INBOUND Conferences in Boston. As you might expect at an event called “Future of Marketing,” we spent a lot of time talking about, well, the future of marketing. 

We had a chance to interview some of the top thinkers who are driving innovation and transformation in the marketing world, and get their perspective on the Big Question: what is the future of marketing?

This next installment features a conversation with David Meerman Scott, marketing and sales strategist, bestselling author and keynote speaker.

Who is David?

  • Internationally acclaimed marketing strategist and advisor
  • Bestselling author
  • Renowned keynote speaker (Fun Fact: David has delivered presentations in 40 countries and on all seven continents…including Antarctica.)
  • Find him online @dmscott and com

In this conversation, David discusses where he sees the future of marketing, and where sales and marketing professionals need to pay attention:

  • Sales and marketing converge on the web, and it is content what drives them both. Consumers now have access to perfect information. In some cases, the consumer knows more than the salesperson. It’s important for sales and marketing to understand this and be a smart content curator by providing value to the consumer.
  • For companies to evolve and adapt to the new sales and marketing landscape (like relying on social networking to build a customer database rather than the traditional CRM), they have to set it up as an A/B test to make sure they’ve got the right people on board to make the transition. Slowly migrate small groups of salespeople to the new model and see how they perform against the norm.
  • On Real-Time Marketing: So few organizations are operating in real time. It can be as simple as responding to an email instantly. If you get back immediately, more people are likely to engage with you.

Tori Sabourin
Marketing Analyst



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