Digital Health Startup Name Generator

As Jonah Comstock pointed out, we know we are getting close to peak Digital Health because the names are starting to collide – literally and figuratively.

It’s getting harder and/or slightly obvious to come up with a catchy title for your app, product or other digital health device. With that in mind, as a free service, our healthcare team here at SHIFT – Healthycomms – is proud to present the following tool that will help you come up the name for that new company: the Digital Health Startup Name Generator!


Click the button below, enjoy your new name! Note well, if you have created a mobile app, please add the word ‘My’ at the beginning or “Keeper” at the end.

We’d be more than happy to help you with further branding and media, as well, if we’re responsible for the selection.

Update: the Digital Health Startup Name Generator is now Jonah-approved:

Dave Levy
Senior Account Manager


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