Considering PR? Remember, Content is King

Carefully considering the right marketing or public relations strategy is vital. My colleague, Jess Crawford, recently blogged about When to Wait on Investing in a PR Program and this blog will briefly explore content, but let’s take a look into why content is so crucial for PR efforts and it is truly the King.

Content is King

While traditional PR efforts of securing earned media coverage is important, the definition of earned media is evolving to include a healthy blend of earned and owned media. Owned media can be defined as content that you have direct control over, or as I like to say, ‘you’re the King of your own content.’ Before considering a PR firm or consultant, you should be in a place where you feel you have an ample stockpile of relevant content. Additionally, having a few ideas of new content you’d like to create based on trends or industry conversations is  a plus, but your PR firm can handle that dirty work.

Christopher Penn, the VP Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, reports in his eBook that a solid content strategy should be designed to reach the target audience via content you created and that is worthy enough to be shared. Skillfully crafted content includes bylined articles, blog posts, videos and more to help your organization attract, engage and educate your target audience. The inclusion of multimedia formats on the content list is intentional. As PR evolves, content evolves, and evolved content includes multimedia facets such as video and images. Remember: if you have a video, you have a transcript, you have at least one blog, you have social media content, you have a wealth of pull quotes and endless possibilities.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t finish this adage, ‘if content is King, then syndication is queen.’ Mid-way through my career I heard the acronym POSE as it relates to content syndication and it has stuck with me ever since. Post Once Syndicate Everywhere, catchy right? While content marketing focuses on creating great content to authenticate brand identity, syndication is about reaching industry influencers or targets via a strategy that is effectively influential. The goal of any content syndication program should always be impressions, and the nice thing about syndication is you can sometimes choose the publication that you’d like the original content to appear. This is effective for behavioral health companies as they elbow for share of voice in a competitive industry.

It’s the stories, the content, that make the user recognize themselves, a friend or a loved one in those stories. Overall, your PR firm can help you develop and amplify a content strategy, but you want to make sure you’re ready for it.

Theresa Masnik
Account Manager


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