Is There a Business Case For Snapchat?

Snapchat. The seemingly ubiquitous photo, video, and moment sharing app has marketers abuzz, flocking to the platform as quickly as they can install the app. Is such haste merited? Should we all rush to Snap as quickly as possible?

Is there a business case for Snapchat?

This is the key question marketers should be asking before jumping into Snapchat. Is there a business case? Can Snapchat make an impact on your marketing, lead generation, or revenue?

Research firm Edison Research led the way in understanding the overall footprint of Snapchat in their authoritative presentation, The Infinite Dial. In the Infinite Dial, Edison Research’s team discovered Snapchat was one of the most heavily used social media apps by Generation Z.

However, much of the purchasing power today is held by older generations, such as Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. If a business case is to be made for Snapchat, we must understand how these generations use it and whether they use it as part of their digital customer journey.

SHIFT Communications commissioned original research to ask these age groups how they used Snapchat, then dug into the Snapchat habits of frequent Snapchat users. Did they reward brands for participating? Did brand content influence their decisions?

To learn what we found, download our latest whitepaper: Should Brands Snapchat?

Should brands snapchat?

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