Breaking Through Infinite Channels & Content Using Both Art & Science

Since we opened our doors nearly 20 years ago, so much about public relations has changed. The media landscape has grown infinitely. A multitude of blogs, social networks, other channels, and endless content are all competing for the same limited mindshare of 7 billion people.

It is a daunting challenge for any brand—B2C or B2B—to break through.

Simply crafting stories based on instinct and “getting press” isn’t enough. It’s the equivalent of shouting from a rooftop and hoping the right person hears you.

Earned media is a workhorse for generating awareness, but a great story, well told, can still fall flat if it doesn’t find its target. Defining the PR discipline in the narrow terms of “earned media” is dangerously limiting.

With the fragmentation of media driven by digital, PR cannot be sustainable if it’s limited to a set of repeated tactics aimed at news generation and social sharing. Almost everything relative to how we, as individuals, search for, consume, engage with and share information is vastly different. We live in a noisy and multilateral world and today’s path-to-purchase is non-linear.

That’s why we must approach our discipline as a craft with equal parts art and science. Traditional PR capabilities must be blended with data and analytics and extended through to performance marketing to break through and drive specific business outcomes.

We must reverse engineer all that we do, eschewing mainstream media centricity for compelling, laser-targeted programming that gets the right message to the right people at precisely the right time.

For more on why we must look at PR and Communications in a new lens—and why we believe it must be informed by data, crafted with passion and targeted with precision—view our new eBook, Making Communications Strategic: Why Our Craft Must Be Both Art & Science.

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