Every year, we analyze thousands of press releases to determine what words are popping up in press releases over and over again throughout the year. We’ve done blog posts and infographics in the past, but last year we wanted to do something a little more fun with our ‘Top 50 Most Overused Words in PR’ report. Thus, #PRBingo was born.

For 2016’s most overused words in PR, we’re making bingo cool again – with new words, new graphics and a new look! Improve your writing by grabbing your latest press release and playing bingo!

What words did we see most this time around? Generic business terms like ‘company’ and ‘market,’ as well as ‘more’ and ‘new.’ To no one’s surprise, ‘data’ and ‘development’ is still in the mix this year, as well as ‘growth’ and ‘leading.’ Check out the full list below the bingo card.

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