The 3 Keys of Communicating the Value of SEO to C-Suite Executives

Many people have found that Search Engine Optimization is not only important, but medium to large companies are often allocating significant internal resources to handle SEO. I recently had conversations about communicating the value of SEO to C-suite executives at two of the biggest health companies.

Their experiences of hiring, working with agencies, and getting their teams motivated stuck out as particularly difficult to navigate. They were enthusiastic about SEO, but sometimes have to be more focused on the overall thrust of the work than the nitty-gritty day to day tactics.

At many companies, those who are more involved with the individual tactics at many small to mid-size companies are trying to “lead up” and get their C-level executives to even care about increasing efforts to get more traffic from search engines.

If a company has C-level executives that don’t understand the power of SEO, the best way to convince them is to show them a couple of small ways how they can have some success – even if the wins aren’t huge.

Content marketing

Content Marketing is at the core of every modern SEO strategy and bleeds into every other part of marketing. One way to get buy in might be to create a handy piece of content that’s super valuable for the company’s ideal demographic and target it towards the questions customers are often asking. Trying to create one excellent, epic piece of targeted content and promoting it will give you a clear idea of what kind of benefits this kind of work could give in an ongoing way. Plus, it has a lower barrier of entry than a current strategy, which requires commitment from senior leadership.

Technical SEO

Get a clear picture of where the site is at with analytics and document how it’s doing specifically for organic search. If you take three technical or structural components and improve them to get more search traffic you can showcase how better architecture, interior linking, or ongoing targeting opportunities might play out with a regular and systematic approach.

Earning links on high domain authority websites

Creating content is the slow-burn way to earn links on high domain authority, but promoting that content is also key. Furthermore, writing for other publications and getting tactical about how to earn those links, what anchor text is linking back, and even getting links to the content on other sites is part of any comprehensive SEO strategy. To test this or to make inroads on it without C-level buy-in may require a bit of work outside of normal work hours. The passionate and driven individual who spends time reaching out and talking to online publications and writing about the things they are passionate about is surely going to see the fruits of those efforts in their career. It’s good for a personal brand, as well as the company you work for.

When those above (or below, or beside) a hard-worker on the totem pole see hustle, they will likely assess what benefit, if any, that extra work is having on the success of the organization.

In this case, that’s why ensuring Google Analytics captures the information – not only of traffic but also about conversions from search engine traffic is crucial.

Take these steps, and track what impact it has and it will give clear documentation to the credence of this strategy.

If you can’t get started without C-level approval

A way to start at a simpler level is to determine high volume keywords and documenting competitors beating the company’s site. This is a slap in the face to C-level executives who may think of themselves as leaders in the industry and perhaps invincible. How would they like their best customers searching terms for products or services they offer and seeing them on the 2nd or 3rd page? Even if the company has more than enough business that’s not a good look.

In conclusion

The truth is that it’s not just appearances that are suffering — people are searching on Google for every product or service on the market, from high-end B2B software, to roofing, to toothbrushes. Communicating the value of SEO to C-level executives means reminding them they are trending towards invisibility if they don’t pursue a regular and systematic approach to SEO.

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