2018 is here, and we’re digging into what look to be some of the biggest trends that will affect PR practitioners this year. In this installment, we’ll look at 2 major trends in owned media:

  • PR Professionals Blindsided by Rich Media
    • Media monitoring has traditionally been focused on digesting and interpreting text. As the dominant form of communication becomes rich – meaning audio and video – the PR profession is at serious risk of missing key trends if tools and vendors fail to adapt.
    • Solution: Use the best monitoring tools combined with AI to digest rich media for you
  • Content Avalanche Keeps Growing Bigger
    • Content shock is about to exponentially explode. How will PR adapt to a world in which 10 times the content created today will be created in the near future?
    • Solution: Create the best possible stuff – moderate doses of mediocrity simply get lost

Stay tuned as we look next at paid media in this series!

Christopher S. Penn
Vice President, Marketing Technology


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